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February 2015
Cities take the lead in promoting LGBT policies
Cities can make a difference in LGBT rights in European countries where a conservative government or religious influence is holding back innovation. This spring the Council of Europe’s Congress of Local and Regional Authorities will vote on the contents of a report on opportunities for cities and regions to guarantee LGBT people’s rights in Europe.
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Creating space for vulnerable people
In organising social support, we see the start of a bottom-up movement Kwartiermaken, a Dutch word that literally means creating a welcoming place in society for people who are vulnerable. Kwartiermaken is all about inclusion and room for being different. We would like to hear your ideas about this new approach.
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Need for new directions in activation
Various European countries are experiencing a transformation process in the social sector. Relationships between government, professionals and citizens are shifting. In the world of activation the time is ripe for innovation and a focus on impact on society. In this the Netherlands is not alone.
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5th European Conference for Social Work Research
Conference   22 april 2015
Feantsa 2015 Homelessness Policy Conference
conference   19 june 2015
23rd European Social Service Conference
conference   6 july 2015
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