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'Social worker plays a crucial role'
The role of the social worker is crucial for the success of the US method Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD). John McKnight, developer of the ABCD method, explains why. Read more.
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November 2014
Social work across boundaries
The shift from welfare state to participation society is not unique to the Netherlands, but is taking place in countries all over Europe. Students at HAN University of Applied Sciences studied a number of countries to see how social workers abroad strengthen their position. Read more.
Interventions in the field of participation of older people
Society benefits when seniors continue to invest their talents. Here are ten examples of interventions that can help social service organisations to actively involve older people in society.
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Social care and support teams
The start of 2015 will see a transition of responsibility for
social care, youth care and participation of vulnerable groups in the Netherlands to local authorities. A unique opportunity for municipalities to start offering a suitable array of services to citizens who are unable to fully participate in society on their own. The Netherlands will not be the only country in the world in which such a transition towards empowerment and support close to citizens is taking place. What are our findings? And what can we learn from other countries? Read more.
International networks: a world of possibilities
Much can be learned from other countries, where people try to develop solutions based on their own systems. Networks can help to keep abreast of policies and trends in the world at large. We’d like to share a few examples of how we work with international networks. Read more
About Movisie
CEO Marijke Steenbergen: “Sharing knowledge is a key aim of Movisie. We want to emphasize the importance of international knowledge transfer. The articles on our website and in this newsletter illustrate our ambition to work and cooperate internationally.” Movisie contributes to a society in which people are empowered to full capacity. Read more about us.

Challenges and opportunities in informal care
The Netherlands is shifting from a welfare state to a participatory society of citizens. To encourage this, the Dutch government has given a national impulse to informal care and prepares a ‘Future Agenda for Informal Care’, jointly with various stakeholders. It also plans to invest firmly in stimulating teamwork between professionals, volunteers, family carers and patients. Movisie developed a partnership model for professionals in residential care to use in their work with family carers. Read more
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