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April 2019
E-learning: How to support older LGBT persons
In this e-learning you will gain insight into the background, problems and vulnerability of elderly LGBT people. In addition, you learn to better support people with LGBT feelings, provide care and if necessary refer well.
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SoVol: developing volunteer programmes at social institutions in the CEE region
Movisie is a partner in the European project SoVol. The key goal of the project is to strengthen the capacity of social work institutions to deliver good quality help to disadvantaged groups in the Central and Eastern European Region. 
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Morocco is an immigration country too
Desperate migrants attempting to jump the high barbed wire fences in order to reach the Spanish enclaves in Morocco. Young Moroccan people trying to get to Europe through Turkey. People seem primarily to want to leave Morocco. But Morocco is also a destination country for migrants from Africa. That was already the case in earlier times, but recently seemed to receive a new impulse.
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Increasing the knowledge and awareness around LGBTIQ+ migrants
In the EpsiLon project five countries worked together to respond to two current and urgent educational needs in Europe, namely the rise in migrant and refugee numbers and the persistent inequality and persecution of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Trans-gender, Intersex and Queer + groups (LGBTIQ+). Movisie is one of the key partners.
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wE-c@re: supporting care professionals in developing digital skills
In a new innovation and implementation project named wE-c@re, the Belgian care organisation Curando aims to respond to challenges and changes in the field of care for vulnerable elderly people. Movisie contributes to this project, together with other Dutch and Flemish partners such as the Competence Group, Zorgnet-Icuro and In4Care.
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Focus on LGBTIQ+ Seniors
conference   amsterdam, 25 - 26 april 2019
Capacity Building for Volunteering in the Social Sector in Europe – SoVol international conference
conference   budapest, 30 - 31 april 2019
FEANTSA 2019 Policy Conference
Conference   porto, 30 - 31 may 2019
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About Movisie
Sharing knowledge is a key aim of Movisie. We want to emphasize the importance of international knowledge transfer. The articles on our website and in this newsletter illustrate our ambition to work and cooperate internationally. Movisie contributes to a society in which people are empowered to full capacity.
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