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June 2017
How do social workers take decisions?
A new study by Movisie shows that although social workers take many decisions, they hardly stop to think about the underlying considerations. Their organisations do not facilitate opportunities for shared decision making by their professionals.
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Human rights foundation for social work with refugees
At an international conference in Berlin on the issue of refugees, 250 participants, including several colleagues from Movisie, signed a declaration to the UN calling on respect for the human rights of refugees.
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Connecting Dutch people and newcomers through arts and culture
Movisie feels that arts and culture can help to connect refugees and dutch people and facilitates their cooperation. An interview with Amer Alomari, a 24-year old man from Syria, who is convinced that activities with theatre, film and music will increase understanding and acceptance and will speed up the integration of newcomers. 
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Social Work as a Space for Dialogue, Cooperation and Diversity
Conference   28 - 30 august 2017
15th ISPCAN European Regional Conference on Child Abuse & Neglect
conference   1 - 4 october 2017
Volunteering in Europe: More than a challenge!
conference   5 - 6 october 2017
About Movisie
Sharing knowledge is a key aim of Movisie. We want to emphasize the importance of international knowledge transfer. The articles on our website and in this newsletter illustrate our ambition to work and cooperate internationally. Movisie contributes to a society in which people are empowered to full capacity.
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