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February 2016
The road to vitality
Informal care can be very rewarding and enjoyable, but is also challenging. It is extremely difficult for informal carers to keep a sound balance between their caring duties and their personal well-being. The road to vitality offers them a tool to remain vital.
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New social work in the Netherlands
Major changes are taking place in the social domain in the Netherlands. Responsibility for a variety of social obligations has recently shifted to the municipal level. And parallel to this we are moving away from the welfare state towards a participation society.
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Can young people be made sexually resilient?
The WE CAN Young campaign, aimed at increasing sexual resilience of young people in 15 Dutch municipalities, reached around 90,000 young people. 40 percent of the young people who became active changemakers, find that their views and/or behaviour changed through the campaign.
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Conference: Making humans, communities and social professionals more visible
27 - 29 april 2016
Conference: Taking victim support to the next level: Connect & Commit
25 - 26 may 2016
European Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect 2016
25 - 27 may 2016
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