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November 2015
Social (neighbourhood) teams: must or hype?
Social neighbourhood teams are flourishing in the Netherlands, with a huge diversity in target groups and composition. Movisie decided to explore the state of the art: what is the composition of these teams, which forms of organisation exist and what are their most important objectives? 
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Movisie and E-Motive: inspiration from abroad
E-Motive facilitates the exchanges of knowledge by introducing experts from the South (Africa, Latin America, Asia, Middle East) to experts in the Netherlands, Poland and Spain. So they can come to new and better solutions for common problems in both parts of the world. Movisie is an active partner in E-Motive’s Deepening Democracy programme.
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International cities form Rainbow Cities Network
Rainbow Cities is a network of international cities concerned with LGBT policies. The network is coordinated by Movisie. The Rainbow Cities aim to exchange their experiences with LGBT policies and share their do’s and don’t’s.
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Euclid Summit 2016
24 - 26 february 2016
European Conference for Social Work Research
30 march - 1 april 2016
European Social Service Conference (ESN)
20 - 22 june 2015
About Movisie
Sharing knowledge is a key aim of Movisie. We want to emphasize the importance of international knowledge transfer. The articles on our website and in this newsletter illustrate our ambition to work and cooperate internationally. Movisie contributes to a society in which people are empowered to full capacity.
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