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Rainbow Cities newsletter
6th edition Rainbow Cities Newsletter
The City of Amsterdam, together with the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, has taken the initiative to issue this quarterly newsletter. The editor of this newsletter is Juul van Hoof, coordinator of the Rainbow Cities Network.

The focus is on initiatives, backgrounds and developments with regard to LGBT policy issues at local or regional level. This newsletter is mainly aimed at policy makers and NGO’s operating on the local level. The newsletter originates from the Rainbow Cities Network, of which more information can be found here.
Berlin Senate integrates LGBTI refugees
Successful Pride celebrations in Belgrade
International Family Equality Day celebrated in 67 cities in 32 countries worldwide
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Berlin Senate integrates LGBTI refugees in concept of refugees’ accommodation and care

With the purpose to improve care, accommodation and integration of refugees in Berlin, the state government of the Land of Berlin has decided on a citywide concept. In this concept LGBTI refugees are seen as applicants with special reception needs e.g. in accommodation. Therefore the specific needs of vulnerable groups such as LGBTI refugees will be included adequately into the considerations regarding accommodation and care.

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Successful Pride celebrations in Belgrade
On 20 September, around 300 people marched through Belgrade from the government building to the Serbian parliament. The national and local government had banned the event in 2011, 2012, and 2013, citing security concerns. This year, riot police closed off the city centre to ensure the safety of the Pride parade, which has been attacked by right-wingers in previous years.
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International Family Equality Day celebrated in 67 cities in 32 countries worldwide

Families, friends, interested parties, experts from government agencies and other institutions as well as politicians and representatives of all political parties were invited to celebrate the rainbow of families around the world. An annual report introduces the organizations involved in IFED as well as the work done by the IFED Committee. The report highlights the activities held in different countries to celebrate IFED 2015. It also serves as an inspiration for the fifth International Family Equality Day, which will take place on 1 May 2016. 

Photo: Sjaan van der Jagt/Pixelpolder

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Venice Mayor refuses to allow city to host gay pride parade
Luigi Brugnaro, a businessman who was elected Mayor on a centre-right ticket last June, was quoted as saying that gay pride marches were the “height of kitsch” and would not happen in Venice on his watch. “There will never be a gay pride in my city,” he was quoted as saying in La Repubblica. “Let them go and do it in Milan, or in front of their own homes.”
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Trans* Job Mentoring Project in Berlin
The first Trans* Job Mentoring project started in Berlin as a pilot project which is run by the organizations SonntagsClub and TransInterQueer. The project targets transgender people aligned with issues relating to work and working life. A principle objective is to assist transgender people in specific job-related challenges. For this purpose, volunteer mentors with appropriate experience are trained to discuss personal questions and goals regarding the work life of transgender people. The project description is available in German.

Photo: Jasper Rens van Es
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Mayor of Zurich unveils info panels about Zurich’s LGBT-history
Corine Mauch, Mayor of Zurich, unveiled three information panels regarding Zurich’s LGBT history on September 15, 2015 in Zurich’s Old Town. Zurich has had an international appeal for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people since the 1930s. The three information panels remember a time, which was characterized by repression and in which the foundations for the LGBT movement in Zurich were laid. In those days, “The Circle” was the only gay “self help organization” that survived the Nazi period in Europe and it became a model for similar organizations in many other countries around the world. The Swiss docudrama film “The Circle” (Der Kreis, released 2014) depicts the time of repression and founding of the early gay movement in Zurich.
Montenegrin Pride March banned by local police
For the third time this year, police in the city of Nikšić, Montenegro, has banned a pride march, which was due to take place in September. The Pride was banned quoting security threats. The Orthodox Church mobilised against the Pride, while nationalists and football hooligans had threatened to disturb the march. Earlier Pride marches in the capital city Podgorica, and Budva, were well-protected by the police despite counter demonstrations.

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Good practices on cooperation local and equality authorities combating intolerance
Cooperation between local and equality authorities is crucial for achieving a tolerant and inclusive society, says the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) of the Council of Europe. They have published a study reviewing good practices in seven countries on the added value of cooperation between local authorities and so-called Specialised Bodies (independent authorities entrusted with the fight against dicscrimination at all grounds). 
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LGBTI History in Berlin: Brochure on LGBTI personalities published

The Land of Berlin has published a brochure about personalities who lived in Berlin from 1825-2006. The brochure portrays 33 LGBTI persons who stood up for the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people. Besides documenting the life of these persons, the brochure opens the discussion on ways how to acknowledge the life of these persons (such as through memorial plaques or the naming of streets, squares or public places) as well as under which circumstances an acknowledgment has to be critical as well. The brochure is available in German.

Photo: Brochure

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