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May 2015
Call for good practices for European Observatory
ENSACT, the European Network for Social Action, calls on social work practitioners, educators, policy makers and researchers to send their experiences and practices on this year’s theme ‘Promoting the Dignity and Worth of Peoples’. 
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The principles of the Family Justice Center
Over the last two years six European cities experimented with the Family Justice Center model to deal with domestic violence. Together the pilot projects produced a film that provides a clear picture of the principles of the Family Justice Center.
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Do The Right Thing: studying interventions for LGBTs
A wealth of methods and approaches has been developed aimed at building a society in which LGBT people can live their lives just like other people. With the project Do the Right Thing, Movisie will study how these interventions work: what could be done better than it is being done now?
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Courage in Social Work - 2nd joint Nordic Conference
Conference   10 june 2015
Social Work Education in Europe: towards 2025
conference   29 june 2015
23rd European Social Service Conference
Conference   6 july 2015
About Movisie
Sharing knowledge is a key aim of Movisie. We want to emphasize the importance of international knowledge transfer. The articles on our website and in this newsletter illustrate our ambition to work and cooperate internationally. Movisie contributes to a society in which people are empowered to full capacity.
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