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March 2014
Elasticity of Care Networks and the Gendered Division of Care
The gender gap in family care-giving is an established research finding: men dedicate less time to care-giving and provide specific gendered types of help. The article 'Elasticity of Care Networks and the Gendered Division of Care' argues that in order to grasp men’s contribution to care arrangements one should recognise the multifaceted nature of care and examine care networks beyond the ‘care receiver–primary care-giver’ dyad with a dynamic perspective.
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Local LGBT policies in four Dutch cities
Some ethnic communities in the Netherlands lag behind in their acceptance of sexual diversity. A recent study by the Netherlands Institute for Social Research demonstrates that less than one third of Turkish and Moroccan Dutch people approves of marriage between two homosexual people. Three quarters of them would find it difficult to accept that their child had a partner of the same sex. Young people show the same picture. These figures are not in line with the Dutch average, and therefore additional efforts are needed to involve the ethnic communities in this issue.
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Social innovation in the Netherlands
Contrary to European views, in the Netherlands social innovation is interpreted primarily as innovation in the workplace, or smarter working. Europe uses a broader definition: active progressive social innovation policy. Of course the lack of policy in this field does not mean that there are no examples of social innovation in this wider sense to be found in the Netherlands. And the attention for social innovation in the Netherlands is increasing. Read more
Participation society: are women to carry the burden?
Dutch King Alexander succeeded in familiarising everyone in the Netherlands with the term ‘participation society’ – it even became the most popular new word of 2013. Nice, but what does it mean? Will women be left to carry the larger part of responsibility on their shoulders? Or is that a cliché? Read more
Together for Young Adult Carers
The most recent Dutch governmental policy paper on Informal care, dated July 2013, underlines something we already knew. In the Netherlands we will have to appeal strongly to informal carers: to family carers and volunteers. Since this trend is also visible in neighbouring countries, it may be interesting to exchange between countries and to learn from each other. Read more
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Effective Social Interventions database: a unique collection
The Effective social interventions database is on the right track. In 2008 Movisie established a database for effective social interventions. At the request of the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport we endeavour to produce accessible and well-founded tools that allow social professionals to work individually with methodologies that have proved their worth.
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